If you have ever entered or left Lebanon by air or even just collected someone from the airport, chances are you’re acquainted with the products and services of the Fulcrum management company that has exclusive rights to manage and operate all F&B outlets at Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut. Established in 2004, the company has grown and expanded its offering over the years through four concept stores based across the arrival and departure areas. Youmna Ashkar, general manager, elaborated on the company’s strategy, saying, “Fulcrum’s goal has always been centered around introducing popular, as well as innovative items, that are fresh, healthy and of high quality. The four outlets offer their guests products that are replenished two-to-three times a day. The range takes into account all budgets and most items are served in eco-friendly packaging. To ensure and guarantee the best possible product / service, Fulcrum’s central kitchen was awarded the ISO 22,000 certification in 2017. Furthermore, because we believe in putting our skills to the test, and as HORECA participants since 2005, we entered this year’s sandwich and food competition and won 10 medals (two gold, two silver and six bronze), which goes to show the level of quality and detail we pride ourselves in offering one and all. Furthermore, the chef who won the gold medal in the sandwich category Fulcrum flew to London and the winner in the pastry category will travel later this year to Paris."

The outlets Fulcrum runs are Cafematik, serving salads, sandwiches, baked goods and coffee; Akle, a canteen-style restaurant offering Eastern/Western cuisines with numerous daily specials; Salt, a gourmet seafood / international cuisine restaurant and Balkoumi, which features Mediterranean specialties rooted in Lebanese cuisine.