Born in France, Christophe Morel, we will not be surprised, comes from a family of pastry chefs. Very early, he made his classes to become a pastry chef, but especially master chocolatier. That is to say that it bathes in the chocolate since always...

Artisan chocolatier of international reputation, his devouring passion for chocolate, his fingering for harmonies of flavors and his breathtaking creativity propel him quickly to the forefront. He won several prestigious prizes: the 2003 Canadian Chocolate Trophy, 1st Chocolate Prize at the 2005 World Pastry Cup in Lyon, 4th place at the World Chocolate Masters in Paris in 2005 as well.

He will also be a finalist for the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), awarded to artisans who have reached the pinnacle of their art.

Owner of his own chocolate factory since 2005, he is one of the most passionate ambassadors of the chocolate world.