He was born in Athens in 1981 where he still lives & works.
He studied Hotel & Bar Management, professional cooking at “Le Monde” biggest tourism college in Greece and his degree at the world-renowned WSPC.

He is a certified DBA (Diageo Bartenders Academy) Trainer.
His professional career in the art of bar tending started in 1998.
For years, he has been attending the most specialized seminars on spirits, the art of professional Bartending, Beverage Cost and Bar Consulting, next to renowned and world-renowned Bar Guru's and Mixologists.

His professional journeys to discover the new trends in the world keep him always informed in the international trends.
With passion for his work he uses his experience and his deep knowledge of innovative ideas by upgrading the Greek Bar scene and providing training in well- known Cocktail Bars in Greece.

He works with prominent names on the bar-retirement bar scene and you will find his signature behind group directories such as Mr Morakis Group of Bars (Coyoacan, Izakaya, Nikkei) , Nespresso Group and has edited the catalogs of major hotels such as Grand Hotel Mykonos.

Beverage companies around the world recognize him as an exclusive partner and always demand its knowledge and experience as a roller coaster on world-class platforms such as Diageo's World Class Bartenders Competition and Bacardi's Bacardi Legacy Competition, Athens & Thessaloniki Fine Drinking.
He has been a keen Drink Critic for Skinos Mastiha Competition 2016, Clement Cocktail Competition 2017 and many more.
As if not all above weren’t enough, he was co-founder of Shaker Party Events (first drink catering company in Greece), owner of Bar Solutions Drink Events & Bar Consultancy company, co-owner of the Cocktail- Restaurant Bar ''Apsendi -Mystery Box Project'', co-owner of the Cocktail-Garden Restaurant Bar Hide & Seek, Owner of 42 Barstronomy.Athens cocktail bar in the center of syntagma - Athens, Co-owner of Branco at Costa Navarino Resorts & Real Estate Group, 
Co-owner of Honolulu Tiki Bar at Spetses Island.
Always passionate and present at the "liquid fire (Greek Mythology name “υγρό πυρ”) of spirits reinvent the difference between mediocre and perfection, always meeting the needs of each customer!