Executive Housekeeper of Le Royal Hotels & Resorts
A passionate woman with two beautiful daughters, Rania always dreamed of working in the hospitality industry. Her first position in the field was as F&B Coordinator at Intercontinental Hotels group 15 years ago. Having thoroughly enjoyed working in the department and shining in her work, she felt the need to gain more experience from other departments as well. This led her to work in Sales, which in combination with her F&B experience gave her much more comprehensive knowledge in the industry.

After working in administration for some time, Rania missed the more hands-on experience and sought a position where she could have direct contact with clients, staff and management. Her opportunity to surpass herself came when she joined Le Royal Hotels & Resorts as Executive Housekeeper. The promotion to this position was perfect for her, where she combined her previous experience and her knowledge in navigating skillfully between client and management needs. Recently, Rania was one of the judges at the bed-making competition in Horeca 2015, underlining her expertise in the field. Overall she has given much to Le Royal and has gained much from working in the prestigious luxury property, in a position that brings exciting challenges and fulfillment at the same time.