Maître Cuisinier de France, Chef Exécutif et Co-Fondateur du Couqley, The Alleyway Group

Gastronomy has been a part of AlexisCouquelet’slife for decades, with a family legacy that dates back to the early 1930s. His grandfather was the owner of the best hotel in the Massif Central region, the “Hotel de Paris”. Alexis’ grandparents raised their own livestock and grew their own vegetables, thus making their restaurant very renown for themost delectable cuisine, with dishes prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

It’s not hard to imagine where Alexis’ love for and understanding of cooking comes from, given his history. His food philosophy blends culinary fundamentals with finesse, creating his own style of ‘Bistronomy’. He has honed his gift through12 years of working in a series of Paris’s best restaurants—Market, Plaza Athenee and La Gare to name but a few—alongside some of the most prominent names in French gastronomy, Alain Ducasse, Jean Georges and Eric Briffard.

Alexis has also worked and studied in the United States, during which he earned a B.A. in Culinary Arts from the Academy of Culinary Arts in New Jersey. He acquired hard-earned experience in the catering business through his work with Duval Caterer and Potel & Chabot (one of the largest and most respected catering companies in the world). Alexis has been living and working in Beirut since 2004 where he first arrived as Executive Chef to lead the team responsible for launching Element, a high-end restaurant catering to Beirut’s elite. Alexis was also the Executive Chef at a high-end French restaurant (Le Gouraud) and was the Culinary Consultant & Executive Chef responsible for overhauling the entire restaurant operations & menu in Market, transforming it into one of Beirut’s best restaurants.

In 2015, Alexis was awarded into the elite group of “Maître Cuisiniers de France”, Master Chefs of France, where he currently serves as a delegate to the Middle East. He was also honored the metal of Academie Nationale de Cuisine, in April of 2016. As a chef, he is involved in every aspect of his restaurants and has developed a reputation of producing exquisite bistro food. His commitment to his food has resulted in another honor which will be given to him in January of 2017, L’Academie Culinaire de France.

After 16 years of vast international culinary experience, Chef Alexis co-founded Couqley Bistro in 2009 in Beirut. The name ‘Couqley’ was chosen in reference to his own family name and carries with it generations of culinary expertise and love for French cuisine. Chef Alexis was responsible for creating and developing Couqley’s successful menus and launching Couqley’s cuisine to the Lebanese market. In May 2013 Alexis and his partners opened its second outlet Couqley in Dbayeh, Lebanon.

Alexis and his partners plan to take Couqley to new heights, by expanding its reach to several points throughout the Middle East and abroad. The third Couqley, Couqley JLT in Dubai, opened its doors in May of 2016.

Alexis’ immediate objective is to continue expanding in Lebanon and Dubai, and then to continue to other parts of the region eventually expanding worldwide.

Alexis currently lives in Beirut and is the Co-Founder and Corporate Chef of Couqley.