President of the Jordanian Chefs Association
Culinary Instructor at Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (Jordan) / Les Roches
Jordan Chapter Chairman /World Master Chefs Society (UK)
With over 18 years of experience, Chef Khalid has developed a diverse experience in the culinary world. Shortly after graduation from food production program, he began his career in 5 stars hotels in Jordan and the Gulf region. Also, Chef Khalid holds a Master Chef Diploma from the world master chef’s society in the United Kingdom.

Chef Khalid joined the Jordanian Chefs Association in 2014 as a board member, As a result of great contributions in February 2016 was elected as The President for the Jordanian chefs association. Also during the year of 2015 he was elected by the Jordanian Master Chefs to be the Chairman of the Jordanian chapter of the World Master Chefs Society - United Kingdom.

In addition, Chef Khalid is Culinary Instructor at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (Jordan) / Les Roches since 2009. The academy is an affiliate of les Roches International School of Hotel Management, with clear objective to educate students to a high level of all-around culinary competency.