Best Craftsmen of France
President of the French Republic Chefs.
Co-President of Euro-Toques France

Everything starts professionally in 1993 than he was apprenticed at the restaurant "Le Traversière" with the chief Johny Bénariac for a period of two years.
"More than recipe Johny Bénariac gave me the passion and flavor of this business. A good teacher learning should make us love the profession to hang during the early years are the hardest of our career ... This is surely encounter and the man most important of my career, without him, no career...."

After a full apprenticeship, alone in the kitchen with the chief, specializing in the cuisine of game he enters the brigade of Jacques Le Divellec in his famous two-star restaurant in Paris where seafood are featured.
It was in this house that he discovered the "Grande Cuisine" and rigor in the kitchen.

"I went from a family home, alone in the kitchen with my master, to a brigade of twenty cooks and I was the youngest and the very bottom of the scale. It took time and hard work to climb all the levels and win the confidence of the chef and the brigade ... It is also in this house with Jacques Le Divellec I learned that a chef should not simply stay in the kitchen but he had to go in contact with its suppliers, to the discovery of new product."

It is after six months Jacques Le Divellec mark him capacity to manage and conserve it the responsibility of a job. From “commis” to “Chef de partie” that evolution permits him to lead his part of the brigade. This is also where it gets fed and the great of this world and show biz, President François Mitterrand to Eddy Barclay.
As evidence of this complicity that lasted three years. Jacques Le Divellec put him inside the brigade chief Joel Normand at the Elysee Palace in June 1997.

"Arriving in the kitchens of the Elysée, I found another way to work and a pace that has nothing to do with the restoration. I also work for the first time with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best craftmen of France)…."

In 1998 he started the cooking contest. After winning the National Young Chef Award at age 20, he will make more each year until the coveted title of one of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France he won at age 25 and therefore becomes the youngest winner in history. It's President Jacques Chirac who will give him his medal at a ceremony in the hall of the Elysee Palace.
Serving three presidents, it runs through France and the world at international meetings and prestigious events such as the G8 and G20.

"This is a real chance to live history every day and make our contribution to the building without any routine. Travel and meetings open to the world me and my cooking evolves and enriched by all these meetings.... It is also a chance to meet and work with people as talented and passionate cooks of the Elysee Palace. When I arrived there were some from General de Gaulle, there is in this one brigade handover is unique and is working daily with “service à la francaise” requires us to think and organize our dishes differently. This is also what allows us to address the cooking contest with another view of the kitchen."

Very involved in the voluntary sector, he is a member of several associations kitchen.
A member of the Culinary Academy of France, Ambassador for Europe of "Toques Blanches du Monde" and Founding President of the French Republic Chefs it brings together a large network of chefs and pastry chefs throughout the world.
He participates in numerous gastronomic weeks to highlight the “savoir-faire”, products and French cuisine.

It is this commitment to the recognition and development of French Cooking in 2012 he received "The Price of French Radiation" for gastronomy.
First professional to receive this award, he is recognized as one of the best ambassador of French cuisine in the world.

The French Republic also distinguishes naming

Knight of the National Order of Merit
Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit
Knight of the Academy’s Palms
And Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters