Owner - Maroun Chedid SAL

Founder of Maroun Chedid SAL, Maroun’s cuisine celebrates the authenticity of Lebanese food and its traditions, with surprising combinations that appeal to a modern palate. His approach is about respecting the product, its texture and flavor. He is a firm believer that tradition can evolve, but that the fundamentals remain the same.

The company offers culinary consulting services and specialty catering in Lebanon, Monaco, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Maroun is also a charismatic TV personality, being one of the main judges on Top Chef Middle East, aired one MBC 1, MBC Masr and LB2 International. Sharing his passion for cooking with his viewers, he has built a loyal following around the world. October 2017 marks the opening of the Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy and Ritage by Maroun Chedid, a contemporary Lebanese-Mediterranean restaurant.