CEO of the Moroccan Federation of Culinary Arts

Son of catering dedicated to the development and promotion of the art hospitality in Morocco and trained engineer, Kamal Rahal Essoulami succumbed to congenital passion and forged his career around the business of catering trade and hospitality.

At the age of 42, Kamal Rahal Essoulami is now a director in the family business. A responsibility that he ensures parallel to the promotion of Moroccan heritage of culinary and tourism.

In 2003, he set up Rahal Events Company and launches in 2004 Cremai, the International Fair of Hospitality and Catering trade, through which he organizes the 1st competitions for national selections in the catering trade.

On the margins of educational and scientific input, the playful pleasure, experimentation and learning, these competitions have allowed to the different Moroccan craftsmen among pastry chiefs, cooks, and bakers, glaciers, to meet, showcase their expertise and share their experiences. Cremai Competitions constitute real practical training workshops to form improve and distinguish in the presence of international chefs among the best workers and starred chefs.


Since then, Kamal Rahal Essoulami is devoted to the promotion of Moroccan gastronomy by preparing and leading national teams in several international titles and consecrations :

Champion of Africa and Middle East and Specialized Press Prize for Best Tasting Bakery World Cup.
Award for Best Promotion of the country at the Pastry World Cup.
World Champion at the World Heads Communities.
Award for Best Decorated Cup and bronze medal at the Gelato World Cup.
France Gold’s Toque
Gold medal at the Dubai World Hospitality Championship.

  • In 2012, Kamal Rahal Essoulami expands the list of prestigious culinary competition by the organization of the Bocuse d’Or Morocco, the event that crystallizes since 1987 the top of the culinary arts in the world.


This event coveted by Morocco, is now a tangible reality thanks to a «Wild Card» exceptionally granted to Morocco rewarding the efforts of Kamal Rahal Essoulami that not only believed but was using every effort to drive there Morocco.

Today Kamal Rahal Essoulami and national teams in the catering trade are again face to the challenges: In part, double effort to continue in Morocco’s successful line and other honor participation in different international competitions in the catering trade