Culinary Creative Development & Production Director

Samaan Ibrahim Hilal was born and raised in Kobayat, Lebanon. He studied in a local culinary arts school in Lebanon where he learned the basics of cooking and the fundamentals of the kitchen.

However, in 1979 he was able to pursue his dream; he made it to the prestigious École LeNôtre, in France, the epic world center of gastronomy. For 5 years, Samaan worked hand in hand with some of France's best chefs, his skills and determination helped him stand out.

He then moved back to Lebanon in 1983, where he held the position of Sous Chef in Casino du Liban. Samaan moved to Kuwait where he joined “Le Meridian Hotel” in 1986 as an Executive Sous Chef. He had also different missions in culinary arts with other chefs in France and England during that period of his career. In July 1994, Samaan handled the position of Executive Chef at “ITT Sheraton “. In 1997, another opportunity came knocking on Samaan's door.

LeNôtre opened in Kuwait and was a huge success, and it continues to grow. Today he occupies the role of Culinary Creative Development and Production Director. Samaan is definitely a key success factor in LeNôtre Kuwait's success story. At his 50s, he is still this eager young man whose thirst for self-development has took him places he never thought were reachable. It is not his fortune but his commitment & enthusiasm that this dream became a reality.