Master Baker Pastry

Owner of the bakery since 1983 Hertzog created in 1958
Chairman of boulangers de la charte de qualité
Founding Member and Past Chairing The Union UBAC artisan bakers creators of Alsace, design and creation of a cookbook, groups of companies and inter dozen gourmet.weeks.
Creators of the show Festiga 3 editions 30,000 visitors over 3 days.
Founding member of Ambassadors of bread
Co-creator of World of bread.Mondial du pain
Multiple awards chopsticks silver and gold vermeil medal of technical education ......
2000 and 2004 finalists one of the best workers in France
Vice-President of the regional training.
Many demonstrations in Colmar, Strasbourg in Alsace, Richemont School in Switzerland, Sihra Lyon, Paris Sirest, Europain Paris, Beyrut Lebanon.
Members of the National Academy of kitchen Académie nationale de cuisine

Consulting in many shop and for teacher (put at level and In service training)