Stand Number: M4-M6
Region: BEIRUT
PO Box: 30014 - Lebanon
Tel.: +961-5 -807711
Fax: +961 -5 -807719
Mobile: +961-76-402202
Email: mohamad.jaber@iul.edu.lb
Website: www.iul.edu.lb
Facebook: Islamic University of Lebanon (IUL)
Twitter: @IUL Lebanon
Stand Manager: MOHAMAD JABER
The Islamic University is a national project for the future, arising from a vision of Lebanon as a pioneer in all the different domains of modern knowledge. It aims at popularizing and deepening higher education, while taking into consideration the historic and contemporary conditions that are indispensable to a balanced perspective, so that learning becomes the bedrock for the development of the nation. IUL recognizes the 21st century’s scientific and economic developments, which present exciting new prospects for Lebanon. Furthermore, it contributes to the scientific advancement that keeps pace with all the different societies us in the modern science’s field.