Stand Number: L17-L19
Region: TURKEY
PO Box: 59850 - Turkey
Tel.: +90-282-6543890
Fax: +90-282-6543897
Mobile: +90-532-7182940
Email: export@ulusoyun.com.tr
Website: www.ulusoyflour.com
Facebook: UlusoyUnAS
Twitter: @UlusoyUnAS
Stand Manager: UMUT AYAN
1- Ulusoy Flour Mills is established and started commodity business in 1969.The primary business activity of Ulusoy Flour Mills is production and sales of wheat flour and by products,both in domestic and global markets.As the first public listed company in flour sector in Turkey , our principles in trade, production, quality, customer satisfaction and professional management will continue to be a contributing factor to our expansion on the global market.