Stand Number: J13-K10
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-5-952153
Fax: +--
Mobile: +--
Email: m.bouazza@fairtradelebanon.org
Website: www.fairtradelebanon.org
Stand Manager: MONA BOUAZZA
In 2006 Fair Trade Lebanon is born out of the will of a few Lebanese to change the lives of the most disadvantaged people in rural Lebanon. The organization chose fair trade as a means of building export opportunities for small producers and food-processing cooperatives; while helping them to develop and strengthen their own businesses. Today, FTL is the leading actor of fair trade in Lebanon, and has developed more than 70 top quality natural products, in line with international hygiene and food safety standards. Its brand, Terroirs du Liban, is distributed in Lebanon, Australia and Europe.