Stand Number: H2
Region: BEIRUT
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-1-651050
Fax: +961-1-643900
Mobile: +961-3-816100
Email: kamel@3mplast.com
Website: www.kama.com.lb
Facebook: KAMA
Stand Manager: KAMEL KABALAN
Established in 1979, Kama grew up to become one of the leaders in the plastic industry in the Middle East. It specializes in manufacturing plastic products including tables, chairs, swings, household articles, cleaning products and many others. After several years of experience, and the feedback of its loyal costumers Kama was able to manufacture its products with perfection, where each of the products that it manufactures is carefully studied so that it achieves high standard quality before selling it to the costumer. That, and with the perfect prices that you, the costumers, consider reasonable have made our products the most desirable target for the market.