Stand Number: M11
Region: BAABDA
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-5-465609
Fax: +961-5-465609
Mobile: +--
Facebook: The Euro Lebanese Center For Industrial Modernisation
Stand Manager: ELCIM STAFF
“The IRI-Elcim Lounge”, which is managed by Elcim, is a space designed to welcome all industrials and new entrepreneurs in the food sector and to make them feel at home. it hosts the industrial research institute (IRI) with its various units mainly the Euro-Lebanese center for industrial modernization(Elcim),the center for innovation and technology (CIT) ,foster in med and Lebanon -Softshore (it cluster). The activities cover a wide range of technical assistance to SMES, the food advisory unit (FAU), external and in-house training, support for innovative research and cluster management. Elcim will also be conducting on-site a series of presentations and experts on relevant technical topics.